Medicinal Plants: popular wisdom and scientific knowledge

Medicinal Plants: popular wisdom and scientific knowledge

Healing Herbal Teas

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Medicinal Plants

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Madeira is a repository of plants used for medicinal purposes. Manuel de Nóbrega, a sort of priest and botanist, born in Nuns’ Valley, received us in his house in Caniço, to share his in-depth knowledge about medicinal plants. Nóbrega is very well known for his local and scientific knowledge of Madeira’s nature, as he explored cliffs and corners of the island for years and also published academic papers in the field of Botany. From the Nun’s Valley, we also talked to Maria de Sá, who told us about some herbs folks use to make tea for healing. This video also features the botanist Francisco Fernandes and Raimundo Quintal, who is known on the island as an author of several books about nature and levadas (an irrigation channel specific to the island of Madeira) and also for his TV documentaries on history of plants.