Há-Vita means “there is life” in a mixture of Portuguese (Há) and Latin (Vita).

Há-Vita is a web-based interactive multilinear repository of video interviews covering many aspects of Madeiran nature and culture.

Há-Vita explores the interaction between residents and visitors by giving voice to locals to talk about the richness of Madeira Island’s natural capital and local culture. It is a repository of anecdotes shared by local people as well as of educational information and scientific knowledge explained by biologists, engineers, and historians.

Há-Vita is also a transmedia project, which means that it provides a story experience across multiple platforms and formats. Thus, the project unravels through two different interdependent media channels: Há-Vita itself and the location aware mobile fictional story Fragments of Laura (FoL).

Há-Vita was designed to complement Fragments of Laura mobile story, as our goal is to connect the overall audience of the app – Portuguese and foreign visitors – with local scientists, traditions, and day-to-day events.

Há-Vita is also a space of dialogue, in which we want to invite locals and visitors to contribute with questions, comments, or by sending photos, videos, or posts.

Há-Vita is part of an ongoing research project that started several years ago under the Future Fabulators EU project, and continuing under Beanstalk regional project centered around the fields of tourism and marketing sponsored by MADEIRA 14-20 FEDER funded project, with the collaboration of the Madeira Promotion Bureau (AP Madeira). The project is developed at M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute) and it is led by Professor Valentina Nisi.